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Allison Gordon Mastropieri (c) 2018
"It's Sinister" (Hey People)
is available for Purchase at CD Baby exclusively

Allison Gordon Mastropieri (c)2018
"No Consideration for Our Lives"
is available for Puchase at CD Baby and all music outlets

This Is the Time
(c)2019 Allison Gordon Mastropieri

This song was written spur of the moment...
My theatrical side - (If I were to score a Broadway show)


Oh Zimbabwe
(c) 2019 Allison Gordon Mastropieri

Another ShowTune-ish tune...
Makes me want to visit...... you guessed it........Zimbabwe!

(c)2018 By Allison Gordon Mastropieri

Can you relate?
Retro dance with progressive bridge.  


A Mother's Love Is All We Need
(c)2018 By Allison Gordon Mastropieri

Dedicated to my mom; Lydia Gordon



For Eternity (2018)
by Allison Gordon Mastropieri

Dedicated for those who have and those who have had a timeless relationship.

Marry Me (Are You Going to Marry Me)
Allison Gordon Mastropieri & Gene Mastropieri, Jr.

A song written with the few guitar chords I knew. Of course when it came to recording, I did not dare play guitar. (guitar and arrangement by Gene)

Just Love Together
by Allison Gordon Mastropieri (2001)

A song I wrote right after the tragedy of 9/11
(reminds me of a song you would hear in Godspell)

So It Goes
by Allison Gordon Mastropieri (2014)

A song about depression, a raw piano recording.

Shine It Up
(c) 1990's - 2018 Allison Gordon Mastropieri &
Gene Mastropieri, Jr.

Dance / EDM Tune....


I Don't Want to Do it Again
(2014) Allison Gordon Mastropieri

A commentary on conformity.

Hold Me In the Dark
(c)2018 Allison Gordon Mastropieri

Expression of the intense feeling of a new relationship.

Pride (c) )2019 Allison Gordon Mastropieri

An aspirational song. 

I Hold On to the Dream
(2016)Allison Gordon Mastropieri

(A raw recording) I hold on to the dream, that our life has a meaning.

Without Any Demands
(c) 2001 Allison Gordon Mastropieri

Sometimes relationships are not meant to be.


A Cup of Love
(c)1986 Allison Gordon Mastropieri
This song was written for our 1 year wedding anniversary.
"It's a test my dear, this life of love. Can we stay simple, are we strong enough? The answer lies inside A Cup of Love."



Michele's Essentia
(A tribute to Michele McNulty)
(c)2016 Allison Gordon Mastropieri

"Filled with a spark, you went for it all. You gave all you could and then gave some more. The plan for our lives is in the back of our minds. Minute by minute a collection of time....."

Why You Turn Away
(c)2012 Allison Gordon Mastropieri

I believe most problems are a result of bad communication. This song is about two people who are just not communicating well and the frustration this causes.



I Look for My Love
Allison Gordon Mastropieri

I wrote this song when I was 16 years old. Just finished the lyrics and tweaked the arrangement. Songs such as these (started long ago) are why I created this website.



Guten Morgen - Freiheit herrschte vor
November, 2018 - Allison Gordon Mastropieri

An experimental song, sung in German (respected interpretation of). It imagines America (United States) going through a dark time and the new morning after the darkness. Written right before the mid-term elections in 2018.

Take Her Home
by Allison Gordon Mastropieri (c)2003

A song about the tragedy in Jonestown in 1978
Mass murder-suicide of members of the California-based Peoples Temple cult at the behest of their charismatic but paranoid leader, Jim Jones, in Jonestown agricultural commune, Guyana.





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